Best Foosball Table As An Addition To Your Man Cave

Sometimes you need a break from sitting at the card table, and what better way to play a bit of foosball? If you are looking to build an ultimate man cave with your poker table as the center piece, it is never a bad idea for some additions. This may involve a pool table, ping pong table, or even an air hockey table. Although, we all know you can never go wrong with a foosball table.

Why foosball? Here’s some footage to get you amped up about playing!

Like air hockey, foosball provides some high-energy and exciting fun. This can lead to things getting out of hand, and if you do not have a quality foosball table, it can lead to things breaking. Nothing is worse than when the fun has to stop mid-game because the equipment breaks. That is why it is important to do your due diligence and compare and review different options.

Foosball table Reviews

We have surveyed several reputable websites to come up with the top brands of foosball tables that are both quality and affordable. Here is a list of the brands we have researched:

  • Tornado
  • Sportcraft
  • Carrom
  • Kick
  • Hathaway

The Kick Triumph Foosball Table came out on top in our assessment. This is because of several factors. Mainly it was because of the solidity and sturdy quality of the table. It also allows for a one or three goalie setup. It also has a high-end look. Although it only comes in a black finish, it is definitely a very sleek design with chrome accentuation and chrome and chrome-plated player rods. The players are very well-made and actually look like real players.

If you aren’t happy with the fact that it only comes in black, the Carrom signature table offers similar features in different colors for right around the same price range as the Kick Triumph table.

The leg levelers on the Kick Triumph Foosball table make sure that the game-play is fair. The metal cast player rods provide a sturdy design and sit in quality bearings allowing for smooth rotation even during excited game play.

Although the overall table design is of quality, some customer reviews reported that it was a mix of quality components and cheap plastic or particle board pieces.

If you’re a pro player or looking for something a step up from the Kick Triumph foosball table, you may want to look into the Tornado foosball tables. Their Elite series is of extremely high quality design and used by professionals for both practice and during tournaments.

Tornado Classic Foosball Table

You can find foosball tables for much less than the $2,000+ you’d pay for the Tornado Elite series. If you just want to spend around a few hundred bucks or even less, Sportcraft and Hathaway offer some great options.

Hopefully this overall review gave you some ideas as to which one you want to go with for your new addition to your man cave! Also, remember that a lot of fold-out poker tables can fit right on top of your foosball table!

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