Most of the time blood mixed with your feces is one of the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids. Other signs include itching and pain around and within the rectum and anal regions. Hemorrhoids may be triggered by a number of different factors including poor diet, constipation problems and even hemorrhoids during pregnancy due to changes in the expectant female’s body. Pregnant women very prone to getting hemorrhoids and perhaps more than anyone should be concerned about bleeding hemorrhoids treatment options.

If you do suffer from bleeding hemorrhoids there are some very effective treatment options that are worth knowing about.

Effective Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment Options

Due the increased frequency of people getting hemorrhoids, there are also lots of home remedies for hemorrhoids information products available online as well. Follow these advice and tips and all will be well.


Drink more water

Water is an essential ingredient for your digestive system to perform properly and perhaps the easiest bleeding hemorrhoids treatment to start with Food moving through your digestive tract can dry out without sufficient water to keep things lubricated and moving along. Dry, hard feces moving down through the rectal canal can potential irritate and even tear any swollen hemorrhoidal tissue resulting in bleeding hemorrhoids.


Avoid constipation

Another easy bleeding hemorrhoids treatment is to simply avoid constipation by ensuring that your diet includes lots of fibre from cereal, grains, nuts and green leafy vegetables, and if necessary even taking a laxative to help with regular and normal bowel movements.


Take your time

Sometimes we tend to be very impatient when having a bowel movement to get things over with quickly. Straining to push out the fecal matter quickly when it is perhaps dry and hard, may not only tear tissue in the rectal canal as mention earlier but also lead to pressure on already swollen hemorrhoid tissue causing the veins to burst resulting in bleeding hemorrhoids. The best bleeding hemorrhoids treatment in this instance is to simply take your time when on the toilet and also not to wait too long between bowel movements.


Soaking your bleeding hemorrhoids away

Adding salts, such as Epsom salt, helps to promote faster healing and make it more relaxing.


Natural Ingredients

More and more people with hemorrhoids are turning towards the use of natural ingredients such as herbal medicine as a form of bleeding hemorrhoids treatment. Some of the more commonly used ingredients include horsechestnut seed extract (that helps to strengthen the walls of veins and other blood vessels), pineapple (contains enzymes that will help to further breakdown foods in the digestive process as well as adding fiber to your diet), grapeseed extract (helps to both strengthen and increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls), and finally taking small amounts of apple cider vinegar following each meal to promote healing is an old hemorrhoids treatment remedy used for generations.


Surgical treatment

Popular hemorrhoids treatments through surgical means include laser treatment, ultra sound treatment and a new cutting edge procedure called “atomizing hemorrhoids” which dissolves the hemorrhoids.


Use to relieve pain and itching

Apart from medicines that are taken orally to alleviate pain, there are also hemorrhoids analgesics that are topical. Topical medications are not ingested. Rather, they are applied directly to the body part where itching is felt. Hemorrhoids analgesics in their topical form are applied on the affected areas of your back. These topical medicines come in various forms such as creams, ointments and salves. When applied on the skin, it recommended that you do so in circular, massaging motions to distribute the medicine evenly, allowing it to work better and faster. During application, the medicine oftentimes produces a hot and stinging effect. This goes a long way in relieving hemorrhoids sufferers.


Hemorrhoids remedies

Preparation H cream is a great hemorrhoids treatment. It will release you from itching and irritation. You can also try using Venapro for hemorrhoids. You can also use figs. Take 3 or 4 and put into the water.

There are clearly many bleeding hemorrhoids treatment alternatives, however it is wise to consult with your doctor prior to beginning any hemorrhoids treatment plan to ensure there is no risk to your health. Remember good nutrition is the key to your health lifestyle,