Duck Life 5 is one of the popular games in the market known specially because of the prequels Duck Life 1, 2, 3 and 4. It is quite interesting and appealing for kids, but also attracts adults like myself who draw pleasure from completing the challenging levels. Duck Life 5 is mainly about a duck that travels through tight caves filled with different obstacles ranging from traps and dangerous objects to wild threats from other animals. As the game starts, there has been a major damage to the city and the volcano has just subsided. Several ducks come in hunt of jewels and treasures and you are one of the ducks. The mission of the game is to find treasures and jewels while remaining safe. To achieve this, players are required to purchase various tools and pets that will help them avoid danger, tackle threats and locate treasures. Hey… it’s very different from playing online poker but that’s the whole point!

Duck Life 5 treasure hunt strategy

Duck Life 5 Features

As aforementioned, Duck Life 5 is about collecting the highest amount of treasure you can while maneuvering through the obstacles within the cave. Coins are provided to improve the performance and performance of your duck. They can also be used to attract good fortune. In order to explore the cave, players need to strengthen their duck and also protect them from any harm. Some of the features provided to aid this include;

  • Pet shops – There are several pet shops provided and each shop contains around 20 different pets. Each pet has unique qualities and can help your duck achieve various things. Some can pick up the scent of dangerous animals that will devour your duck while others double your earning. Some attack the threat for your duck. Most low level pets can be bought using coins but you will need to spend diamonds to buy advanced pets that can help you pass increasing challenges.
  • Mechanic shop – Like the pet shop, mechanic shop offers various tools to help you accomplish your mission. However, this shop provides accessories and not pets. Some of the tools and accessories you will find in the mechanic shop include Tiny Wings (for flying), Smart Shovel (for finding reward key) and Gold Purifier (to land valuable coins). Others are iDowsing which increase your luck in finding treasure chests, Bubble Barrier that protects you from danger until you attack and pop it, and Dr. Duckhatton that brings all nearby coins at reach.

There are many other types of shops available in Duck Life 5 including a Jetpack shop that provides a Normal Jetpack to help you skip the first 500 meters of your exploration and a Super-Jetpack that skips 1000 meters of exploration. You can buy either or combo packs. A Ducktor Store provides coin magnets and other tools that will significantly increase your chances of picking up coins especially if you want to draw coins hidden far from your trail.

Once you are done shopping for the tools and accessories, you can then start the mission to explore the caves in hunt for treasure. You can also take your duck to a hairdresser or clothing store if you are tired of the default look. This will give you a wide room for customization to change the duck’s look as preferred. There are various colors, clothes and accessories to help you customize the duck and you can also change the duck character if you want.

Pros of Duck Life 5

  • Very interesting and intuitive game
  • Room for customization and character swapping
  • Availability of coins and game/mission improvement tools and accessories
  • Improved engine and user experience
  • You can play with other real users and not computer ducks alone
  • Has improving challenges with each new level

Cons Of The Game

  • Everything is pretty much expensive. You can pay up to 15000 coins for a single pet and collecting the same amount of coins is not as easy.

Earning coins


Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt is simply the best interactive game better than all the versions that preceded it. Unlike the previous versions, this version allows you to play with other real users and has real-life graphics that make the game more interesting. The new engine also improves gaming experience as well as efficiency. If you love adventure-style video games, then this will definitely interest you. All you need to do is learn the basics and start playing although you will require tips and insights as you advance the levels. In many ways, it is an amazing game that will excite you if you try it today.