The Highest Rated Tables In The All Games Tables

Poker Tables Express is tailored to fit all of your needs to play your favorite game of poker. From tables, to chips, to books and shirts, this company offers it all! And if that is not enough, they deliver straight to your door.

The poker tables for sale are categorized by the following; All Games Tables, Poker Tables, Poker Tops, Texas Holdem Poker Tables, Black Jack Tables, and Other Game Tables. Many of the game tables are made with imperial mahogany. There is, however, a few tables made with imperial honey, oak, and cherry. One of the highest rated tables in the all games tables is the Imperial Mahogany 3-in-1 game table. This party center is multi-functional, finished with a beautiful look, and saves quite a bit of space. This table transforms from a dining table to an 8 position poker table just by flipping the top of it. It is priced at $1,099.

More specific to poker, the site offers an imperial poker table with folding legs all for $399! It is a sold table with 48inches from edge to edge. It seats eight people comfortable in the chairs provided in the set. The 50inch Cherry Tournament Poker Card Game Table is also an excellent choice. This table serves as a small dining table which can be used for other hobbies such as puzzles. It flips over into a full poker table for any tournament competitor! This table is priced at $689.95.

Poker tops are excellent if you are not looking to purchase a full poker table but would still like to have some means of access to a table top which serves as a station for the game. Poker Tables Express offers a variety of poker tops. In different sizes, materials, and shapes. One of the popular tops is the Black Jack and Craps Game Layout top. It is a double sided game for Black Jack. This 3 by 6 foot top is made with green felt material. It also include Las Vegas style markings. Another favorite is the Game Table Xtender Octagon. This octagon comes in two different sizes; 48” or 54”. It looks and feels as though it is the real game adding more excitement each time you play!

Poker Tables Express does not just sell tables and table tops. They also allow customers the opportunity to purchase new sets of poker chips! The 12.5 gram Rare Coin Inlay Chips are priced at $26.99. The coin-inlay make for perfectly balanced three color and multi-edge spot designs. These are quite possibly the best chips in the market today! It is great to have these chips not only to impress your friends, but also to increase your level of play and enjoy playing with family and friends. This site also offers a variety of merchandise such as; casino supplies, poker videos, books, software, and even shirts!

Individuals are more than welcome and encouraged to shop. Casinos are also encouraged to try out products from the site as well! Dealers for poker games will find all of the necessary items needed such as a variety of card guards. The site offers card guards such as; the Big Slick card, Cowboys card, Bullets card guard, and much more! From card guards to buttons, you will find everything you need on the website!

Whether you are looking to purchase a brand new and beautifully finished poker table or just wanting to simply purchase a new set of chips, look no further. Poker Tables Express guarantees quality products, extraordinary customer service. Visit the site today for amazing deals on the products you will absolutely love!

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